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Carol came to the Women’s Opportunity Center after the company where she worked for many years closed suddenly. She was fearful about her future and her skills were a bit outdated. She attended the support group and worked with the staff on updating her computer skills. She began applying for positions and when a good opportunity for a full time position presented itself, she was ready.  Her new position will allow her the opportunity to use the skills she has as well as learn some new skills as she grows with the company. We are excited about the possibilities and wish her much success in her new career.


Denise initially came to the Women’s Opportunity Center looking for support and guidance in the midst of her divorce. She had some recent work experience but had been unable to find full time employment. After just a few months of attending legal and financial workshops as well as the support group and numerous appointments with the career coach, she has a full time job and is moving forward with her new life. We couldn’t be happier for her. Congratulations, Denise!


Petra was referred to the Women’s Opportunity Center after her husband told her he wanted a divorce. She had given up her full time career after the birth of her daughter and had only worked part time to supplement the family income. Petra diligently worked with the career coach to build a resume and research a new career. She dedicated a great amount time to attending workshops, gaining confidence and job searching. We are so proud of Petra and happy that her investment of time at the Center has paid off! Petra is now pleased to be working in a field that is well suited to her and her interests. 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­When Shirley T. first came to the WOC, she was seeking direction. She had spent the last 12 years being a family caretaker and had been unable to hold a job outside the home during that time.  Now faced with having to live independently, Shirley worked with the career coach and attended workshops in hopes of finding her new path.  Her self esteem blossomed and she became excited as she anticipated the possibilities that lie ahead.  Shirley is now working at a job she really enjoys.   Congratulations Shirley – you’ve come a long way!


We are so proud to announce that three women in our program have chosen to pursue new careers and have completed their chosen occupational training programs. Tisha recently completed training for Microsoft Specialist and is now working in an administrative position. Danielle and Renee have both completed training to work in the medical field and will pursue positions working in a medical office. We commend these women for their strong commitment and dedication to their training. We wish them the best of luck, and we are looking forward to seeing them happy and working in their new careers.


After many years at home, Theresa had to return to full time employment following her divorce.  She attended many workshops at the Women’s Opportunity Center to gain strength and find direction. Her previous career had been in IT but with the gap in employment and the constant evolution of that field, she found additional training was necessary to bring her skills current. She found an appropriate program that fit her needs, and when completed the program, she eagerly jumped on her job search. In a matter of only a few weeks, Theresa found a great job. We are so proud of Theresa for her success in returning to work in the IT field and becoming such a strong and independent woman. Congratulations, Theresa!



Valerie came to the Women’s Opportunity Center following the permanent disability of her husband. She has 3 small children and she knows she will be their sole source of financial support. Valerie has a passion for teaching and had completed over half of the required classes to obtain her degree prior to her husband’s accident. She desperately wanted to finish her education but she was struggling with the financial burden.  With the help of the Career Coach, she applied for several scholarships being offered to displaced homemakers, and she has successfully been awarded two so far! Valerie received $2000 from the AAUW and $3000 from the Burlington County Soroptomists. We are very proud of Valerie and also very excited to have had a part in helping her achieve her goal!


When Renee first came to the Women’s Opportunity Center, she was recently unemployed and she was facing a divorce. It was a time filled with uncertainty but with the help of the career coach and the self esteem building workshops, Renee was soon able to formulate a plan. She applied for an educational grant and began attending classes to become a medical assistant. One by one she passed the tests for certification. She worked with the career coach to build her resume and began applying to doctor’s offices. We are so proud to say that Renee recently obtained a position and is off on her new career path! Congratulations!



Susan came to the WOC seeking emotional support and help with making important career decisions. She wanted to access the workshops and the support group along with anything else the program had to offer.  Susan is the owner of a small business that was struggling. In May, Susan received the New Beginnings Award from the Displaced Homemakers Network. It is an award that will help her sustain and hopefully grow her business. Susan inspires us to remember that it’s never too late to accomplish your dreams. We will continue to be by Susan’s side to support her in her journey to self sufficiency! Congratulations Susan, we are very proud of you!


Angelica came to the Women’s Opportunity Center in search of support and guidance. She had recently become unemployed and as the sole support of her household, she was eager to get back into the workforce. She began attending the support group and worked with the career coach on some modifications to her resume. In very short order, Angelica was able to find a good position for which she was perfectly qualified. She is very happy with this new career opportunity and we are looking forward to watching her succeed. 


This month we would like to celebrate Dawn. When she first walked into the WOC, she was at the end of her long term marriage and uncertain how to start over. Dawn attended workshops, worked with the career coach and used the computer lab to job search. Her path was not easy but we are so proud of how far she has come. This month she began working at her new full time job! She is thrilled and we are thrilled to have been a part of her journey!


When Tina walked in to the Women’s Opportunity Center, she was looking for assistance with her job search after recently becoming unemployed. She committed many hours to both working with the career coach sharpening her job search skills, and working on the computer submitting applications for positions using her financial background. After only a few interviews and two short months, Tina landed a job in banking! We are so very proud of Tina and congratulate her on her success!


Wanting a fresh start following a divorce, Geri B. left her lifelong career to return to NJ to be closer to her family. Now as an unemployed single mother, a concerned friend recommended Geri to The Women’s Opportunity Center. She attended workshops and worked with the Career Coach to prepare her with a resume and interviewing techniques. Through WOC, she was selected as a recipient of the South Jersey NAWBO scholarship. This scholarship provides her with a year of free networking events and other learning programs led by business leaders. Geri found the encouragement she needed through WOC, and has successfully found a management position.  We wish Geri much success in her new position!


Danielle A. was awarded an academic scholarship for $2,000 through the Women’s Opportunity Awards program sponsored by the Soroptomist International of Burlington County. This annual award is given to improve education, skills and employment prospects. Danielle will use this scholarship to offset her tuition for the certification program she is presently attending. Congratulations Danielle – we are so proud of you!


Almost a year ago, Gail came into the WOC for the first time. She had been unemployed for over a year, was living with family and was feeling very frustrated with the job search process. Gail attended every workshop she could and took advantage of the career closet and resume guidance. She was anxious and scared at times but she continued to work very hard on herself. Today Gail has secured a full-time position with a medical office and has retained her own apartment that she is thrilled with. We are so happy for Gail and so proud of her accomplishments!














































































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